and values

Our mission

is to improve the world. Don’t expect that it will happen of its own accord — because it requires the greatest vigour of many gifted and active people.

We understand that the hope for a miraculous transformation of reality during revolutionary paces is also groundless. Changing the world for the better requires daily diligent efforts over a long period of time. Even more than this — super efforts.

If this mission seems too ambitious and abstract to you, we shall specify what we are responsible for in the world. We improve enterprises, in which we invest time and resources, in terms of the peoples’ lives, directly connected with the activity of each company acquired by us.

Our purpose

is improving the lives of customers, who buy the best goods and services of higher quality produced by our enterprises;

improving the lives of professionals, who begin to be proud of what they are doing and fulfill their talents by solving ever more complicated management problems.

We live in a dynamic, constantly changing world. We are active, competent and striving for more. We see in difficulties new opportunities and a wide scope for constructive activity. And if changes are inevitable, let them be for the better.