Astrakhan Sea Port

Astrakhan Sea Port, CJSC
74B Dzerzhinsky Street, Astrakhan city, 414015

Astrakhan Sea Port, CJSC offers its services for transshipment of export cargoes through Astrakhan transport node. It is promoted as a modern port with well-developed infrastructure and necessary transshipment equipment; it has a moorage of 383 meters total length and can take simultaneously 3 dry-cargo ships of a river-sea type up to 7000 tones freight-carrying capacity and with draft up to 5 meters. Navigation in the port is year-round. There are portal cranes of 5-7 tones carrying capacity — 6 units, of 20-32 tones carrying capacity — 3 units, automated lift trucks of 1.5-16 tones carrying capacity — 10 units, front loader and dump truck for operating with bulked cargoes.

The company has car access, own railway tracks with 1100 meters of total length attached to Trusovo railway station of Privolzhsk Railroad, which are maintained by two own locomotives. The port is a part of border inspection post through the State Boundary of the Russian Federation, that allows to take and serve foreign-flag ships. A one-time accommodation of cargo at the port is up to 80 000 tones of bar metal production depending on assortment at open storages; there are also indoor storages with 4000 square meters of total area. If a continuous shipping is provided, the wharfs capacity is 100 000 tones per month. The port also sells bank sand of any fineness and supply volumes.

The company’s current tariff policy allows you to determine an optimal port component of the production final cost and to adjust a permanent logistic chain through Astrakhan transport node. The cargo transshipping rates include expenses related to the spotting and picking of wagons and feasibility study services.