South River Port

2-nd Yuzhnoportovy Proezd, 10, Moscow city, 115432

SOUTH RIVER PORT, JSC is a large shipping company that has a proven experience in all spheres of work performed on inland river routes of the Russian Federation — shipping, cargo handling, maintenance of transportation needs for industry, building and trade. The port’s total area is 30.7 ha. A wharf wall of 2178 meters length is divided into 17 special wharfs. SOUTH RIVER PORT, JSC is the only port in Moscow, which has a wharf wall with such a length equipped with railway tracks.

At the port there is a heavy wharf for reception and handling of oversize cargoes up to 400 tons weight. The main directions of the South River Port’s activity are delivery to consumers of non-metallic construction materials, such as sand and gravel, handling and storage of cargoes in warehouses. South Port offers its customers for renting and cargo storage several types of storage capacities, such as hard-wall warehouses, hangars, and yards for storage of cargoes protected from atmospheric precipitations. Currently, storage capacities, hangars and office premises at the port are rented by more than 100 different companies conducting transshipment and storage of national economic cargoes for Moscow’s needs.