127015, Moscow, Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya Ulitsa, 14

Joint-Stock Company The Research and Design Institute of Chemical Engineering (JSC NIICHIMMASH). Established in 1943.

JSC NIICHIMMASH is the main technical research center for development of life support systems for spacecraft. Such systems are developed on the basis of profound R&D and E&D studying of this unit as part of Russian and international space stations. The Electron VM oxygen generation system is a main source of oxygen for crew breathing on the International Space Station, stable operation of which largely determines the successful implementation of the manned flight program.

Together with reliable partners, JSC NIICHIMMASH develops, produces and implements technological complexes taking into account modern automation and energy saving technologies and modern environmental protection solutions. A number of innovative schemes for recycling anthropogenic wastes have been worked out, processing of which will allow obtaining valuable commodity products, while simultaneously solving the task of protecting nature and improving human living conditions. Over 50 specialized engineering plants all over the CIS make equipment based on the institute’s developments.