Moscow Ship-Building and Repairing Yard
115407, Moscow, Ulitsa Rechnikov, 7

JSC Moscow Ship-Building and Repairing Yard (JSC Moscow Shipyard) is one of the oldest shipbuilding plants in Russia. Since its establishment in 1936, more than 1,800 vessels have been built here, which total overall length is more than 52,000 meters. Core products of the plant in Soviet times included river and lake passenger motor ships built to standard designs models, such as Moskvich, OM, Moskva, Moskovsky.

Since 2001, JSC Moscow Shipyard started developing a completely new area for the Russian shipbuilding — building of expedition vessels and motor superyachts of 25 to 50 meters branded Timmerman Yachts. 13 motor yachts have been built since that time. In 2013, a 47 meter long yacht will be delivered to the Customer. In 2011 the Company started building new generation passenger motor ships (Pilgrim model) designed for tourist and excursion trips named Stolichny 1 and Stolichny 2. The same model was the basis for Svetoch floating restaurant and Ust-Sysolsk ferry that were built and delivered to customers.

In mid-2012 building of a cargo and passenger vessel of Volgar model commenced. JSC Moscow Shipyard is a division of JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation specializing in production of high-speed, executive and technically complicated vessels. In September 2011 the plant started a series of 6 high-speed multi-purpose MRV14 boats for Russian seaports. Concurrently, a series of 27 buoyage boats, model 3050, and 12 buoyage boats, model 3050.1 for maintenance of inland water routes have been being built since 2011. In mid-2012, Moscow Ship-Building and Repairing Yard started building board vessels for the navy. Jointly with United Shipbuilding Corporation’s planning and design bureaus, JSC Moscow Shipyard offers its customers a range of high-speed patrol and multi-purpose boats of 9 to 20 meters.