Project «Pharma»

IlmiksGroup, CJSC is Russian dynamically developing pharmaceutical companies. They were established for development, production and introduction of advanced pharmaceuticals.

IlmiksGroup, CJSC is a modern high-tech manufacture provided by the equipment for producing of medicaments in capsules and pills and biologically active supplements. The company was established with the aim of development and further production of medicaments on the basis of the following substances: Indole-3 – Carbinole, Epigallocatehin – 3-galate and 3.3’-Diindolymethane, and also production of biologically active supplements.

The company’s current portfolio includes medicament Indinole® Forte, biologically active supplements Epigallate®, Promosan®, Indigalle®, IndigallePlus® and cosmetic product Egallohit®. All products are manufactured in accordance with GMP International Standards. The companies’ activity and developments are protected by patents and certificates. The leading positions in decreasing of breast cancer rate and availability of new medicaments at different stages of clinical research and registration enable the companies to be successful and feel confident about the future.