We don’t set limits for ourselves by economic sectors when selecting companies for investment, and we are ready to consider new types of activity.

It can be power machine building, transport, building, communication, shipbuilding. We are guided by curiosity and thirst for new Knowledge. We are interested in finding responses to challenges, which we haven’t been faced yet, and in continuous learning. We are pleased with meeting new people.

We have an experience in managing different spheres of activity. We increase production volumes. We multiply capitalization.

Our task is to reconstruct and adapt generated productive capacities and assets to market demands. In practice it means effective management in fulfillment of economic potential of a particular production.

We have achieved a lot and we are not going to stop at what has been accomplished. Our company grows and develops steadily. From year to year the headcount of our staff has been increasing. The company’s geographic reach extends. AEON Corporation permanently includes more and more new enterprises conducting business in different economic segments.